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See me on Evening Magazine!

I had the chance to film a segment called “Cheap Eats Tacoma” with Saint Bryan on our local nightly news magazine, Evening Magazine.

It was so much fun to be a part of, and I’m thankful for the opportunity.

Saint and I went to some of my favorite local eateries.

Check out the video below!

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Homemade Taco Seasoning and Turkey Tacos

I’m finally coming out of my sinus sickness from hell.

This means I can taste and enjoy food again. I mean, not that my waistline probably didn’t mind a little fasting from that whole not being hungry while sick thing, but I know I’m ready to be done with it.

Now that I’m back to my craving my favorite foods, it’s time to share with the world one of the most craveable foods I can think of:  tacos.

Making your own homemade taco seasoning is easy. It’s just a matter of measuring out a few spices and throwing them together.

Want less salt? Add less. Like it spicier? Add more cayenne, and so on.

Those seasoning packets you can buy at the store are garbage. Total, complete, salty, preservative-ridden garbage.

Not that I have strong opinions about this or anything…

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Exciting News!

I’ve got two bits of exciting news!

That’s my excited face.

I’m branching out.

For the last three years, writing A Big Mouthful has been an incredible way to express my love of food and cooking.

Wonderfully, it has led to some new and exciting opportunities that I’m thrilled to be able to explore.

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Arugula Walnut Pesto

I meant to get this post up for St. Patrick’s Day, since it’s, you know, green.

St. Patrick’s Day has passed, but green food can and should be eaten all year round (shocker, I know).

Making pesto is one of those simple, time saving things you can do to always have a quick dinner on hand. It can easily be transformed into a tasty meal after a long day at the office, or when you’re sick and just don’t feel like exerting yourself much, but still have to feed your starving, neglected, “all we’ve been eating is frozen pizza” family (this may or may not be happening in our house lately).

A while back, I realized that buying pesto pre-made is really…dumb. Not only is it more expensive than making it, but it’s less flavorful and usually has strange additives to preserve it.

When a recipe is as simple as throwing all the ingredients together in a food processor and pulsing them for a few seconds and you’re buying it at the store, you might start to wonder things. Things like, “Why don’t I make this at home if it’s so easy? Is it for the same reason I wear yoga pants for three days in a row? But yoga pants are easy. They’re stretchy. They make me look like a lazy shlub…oh, wait. I look like a lazy shlub. I’m a lazy, pesto-buying shlub!”

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Dirty Rice with Andouille Sausage

I’m sick.

You know, that kind of sore throat, stuffy head situation. Not so fun.

Last night, I made my “sick wife” demands. “Honnnnneeeeeyyyyy, will you please go get me some pho??? I neeeeeeeeddd pho.”

He did. And it was delicious. Pho (doused with a good amount of sriracha, of course) can cure all ills. Well, at least temporarily. The spicy broth has the magical ability to clear my head, and my nose, and get me back in the saddle.

But the show must go on. Or, in this case, the husband must be fed.

I faintly recall my mom making dirty rice when we were growing up. There may or may not have been a certain box mix involved. Box or no box, I love the cajun flavors and one-pot meal potential.

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