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The Moveable Feast Tacoma

Today I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Moveable Feast at Cheney Stadium.

The gathering of over 30 food trucks in Tacoma was organized by the incredible Alyson Jones of the Tacoma Rainiers. Thank you, Alyson and the Rainiers for bringing such a great event to Tacoma! The best part? A portion of the proceeds benefit Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.

Tacoma doesn’t exactly have a huge food truck culture…yet. Back in 2010, I wrote about some changes that were being made to our local attitude and regulations, as well as the general lack of support and encouragement regarding creating a food truck/cart culture around here. I’m hoping that is something that will change, especially from the throngs of thousands of folks who flocked to today’s event.

The early entrance VIP time at 11 a.m. was slow starting, with little to no lines and plenty of room at the tables.

It really started to pick up as soon as the free general admission opened up at noon. I hear it’s currently a bit of a zoo.

But don’t let that stop you from coming down. The lines move fast, and there’s still lots of grub to be had.

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Pine Mouth (aka I learn something new every day)

They say you learn something new every day. It’s true.

You just don’t want to have to learn something the hard way.

Take, for example, the last six days, where I have had a bitter, unpleasant taste in my mouth. Literally, not figuratively. It rears its ugly head any time I eat or drink anything. My first thought? Great, instant diet.

Not so much.

It’s pretty gross, and I thought I’d do some research.

Now, let me first state that I’m not a doctor or medical professional of any kind.

I’m more like a professional Googler.

Google “bitter taste in mouth”, and you get all kinds of results. Issues with your mouth can be a symptom of a bigger, more serious health problem. You  know, so when you search for such things online, it can cause temporary panic and a mini freak out session.

Luckily for me, the cause of my unpleasant mouth taste is a less deadly, however annoying source.

Pine nuts.

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Strawberry Jam and Some Canning Tips

My Opa recently brought me some of his homegrown strawberries. He had so many, he needed to share. I was happy to take them off of his hands.

The beauty of homegrown strawberries is that you can let them ripen on the vine, yielding the reddest, sweetest, most strawberriest berries you’ve ever eaten. The problem with conventionally grown strawberries is that they’re often picked before they’re fully ripe, and are left to ripen off the vine. I mean, they’re fine, but their strawberry essence often hasn’t had time to come to fruition.

When life gives you strawberries — you guessed it — you make strawberry jam.

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