On IFBC 2013 + A Little Blog Recharge


I’m very much looking forward to attending the upcoming International Food Blogger’s Conference September 20-22. I haven’t been to an IFBC since it was in Seattle in 2010. It was a great experience last time — mostly because it’s fun to meet other bloggers, listen to fancy-schmancy speakers and get recharged.

And boy, do I need a recharging.

Clearly, this blog — my original baby — has been neglected of late. It’s like having a second child and forgetting/not having time/not making time for your first child. I’m a bad blog parent.

Sure, I’ve been focusing on restaurant writing and my second blog-child, Tacoma Foodie. But seriously, the other day I had a coming-to-Jesus moment.

I miss cooking.

Being a restaurant writer is great. It’s an amazing gig, and I’m not complaining about it one bit. However, it’s a bit like when you’re on a long vacation with no kitchen, and all you eat is restaurant food for a couple weeks. You start to feel a little…weird. A little bloated, maybe. A little unbalanced.

My body’s been telling me to get back to cooking. Get back in the kitchen where I can control what’s in the food I put in my body, cook healthier, lighter dishes than I tend to eat when I’m out.

Did you know restaurant food is generally not the best for you?

It’s science.

So I’ve been back in the kitchen again. It’s the strangest thing – I started to feel so disconnected from what I put into my body, even though I’ve still been writing about food every week. I “forgot” how to cook. At least, I got lazy about cooking. The more I eat out, the less I feel like cooking.

There’s more science for you. Too many restaurants + Adrienne = lazy. Okay, maybe that’s math. I never was very good at either.

Hopefully attending IFBC, seeing bloggers I’ve lost touch with and meeting new ones will inspire me to get a wooden spoon in my hand and my feet behind the stove.

That, and the fact that DORIE-FREAKING-GREENSPAN is speaking at the conference. I mean, she’s pretty much the queen of all cooking and baking. Yes, of ALL cooking and baking. Every single recipe I’ve made from Around My French Table or Baking: From My Home to Yours has turned out perfectly, mostly due to her excellent recipe writing style. There’s a lot to be learned from the great Ms. Greenspan, and I intend to soak up her every word.

I’m also thrilled that renowned food photographer Andrew Scrivani is speaking. Lord knows I have a lot to learn about food photography…and let’s face it, photography in general, and the singular fact that he’s a photographer for the New York Times Dining Section makes him a singular badass in my book. His photos have a way of telling a story that goes beyond just food. Even if I learn a little bit from him, it’ll help me improve that much more.

If you’re attending IFBC, make sure to come and find me and say hello. I’ll be the one in the corner gawking at Dorie Greenspan and carrying around one of her 40-pound cookbooks to get it signed.

Okay, so I probably won’t do that, but I’m not making any promises.

Hope to see you there. And if you aren’t a blogger and could give two you-know-whats about IFBC, I’ll say this — I’ll be back, cooking my behind off (literally, I hope), and sharing all the goodness with you here very, very soon.

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  1. Posted August 30, 2013 at 12:36 PM | Permalink

    I’ve been soooooo out of the loop. I had NO idea you’re a restaurant writer, nor that you had another blog. I’ll be doing a lot of catching up now!

  2. Posted September 7, 2013 at 5:25 PM | Permalink

    I will be at IFBC too! And I can totally appreciate what you’re saying about using it as re-charge. I’m thinking the Exact. Same. Thing.

    Hope to meet you there!

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