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My Top 110 Favorite Food-Related Twitter Handles to Follow

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Since joining Twitter in 2009, I have had the pleasure of following some of the most informative, interesting, sweet and funny folks.  These are the Twitter handles that keep me in the know and entertained on a daily basis.  They are in no particular order — the below are merely my favorite 110 to follow from @aBigMouthful. Why 110?  I just couldn’t narrow it down to 100.

Ranging from food blogs, to chefs, restaurants, general food lovers, cookbook authors, food critics, food writers, food sites, food stylists and food photographers, these fine people represent some of the best of the Twitterverse.

This is just a sampling of those I follow.  There are many, many more that I follow that I adore.  You can see the full list on my Twitter page.

Happy following!  {And tweeting} Read More »