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Perk up your mashed potatoes

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I love Tyler Florence’s recipe for mashed potatoes…with grainy mustard added!  It may sound odd, but it produces a really flavorful result.  Try this recipe this Thanksgiving instead of your normal ho-hum mashed potatoes.  They don’t even need gravy! Read More »

Getting Mentally Prepared for Thanksgiving.

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(Comic courtesy www.nataliedee.com)
I have officially just butchered my first turkey.   Actually, first animal in general.  Since my knife skills are horrible at best, I generally avoid buying cuts of meat that need to have the bones removed.  I usually leave that to the professionals.  But apparently there is no such thing as a boneless, skinless, natural turkey breast in Tacoma.   I know, the fact that I removed the turkey breasts from a turkey may not be a notable event to you, but I am pretty excited.  It even looked right.  Can’t wait to butcher my next whole animal.  Next time, maybe a chicken.  Oooohhhh…Ahhhhh… Read More »