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On Peanut Butter Cookies and Self-Education

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As I have mentioned before, I’m trying to learn how to do food photography and food styling. I’ve been reading tons of books, online guides and going to photography and styling classes and conferences.

It’s been a great diversion from the normal everyday goings-on in my life to be able to take something that I created, arrange it, see it through the lens of a camera and capture that image. This process is therapeutic, in a way, because it forces me to take time out of my day and focus on this one thing that I’m doing, right in the moment. Read More »

Natural Food Styling & Photography Class

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I had the opportunity to attend a natural light food styling and photograph class with Seattle’s own Lara Ferroni in her new studio space, Spare Room.  This class was an absolute treat and has really illuminated the world of food photography and styling for me, literally and figuratively. Read More »