The Yippity Yo Cooking Show

I couldn’t resist posting this video of three-year-old Zaylee Jean and her online cooking show, The Yippity Yo Cooking Show, featuring Grandma Wendy’s Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

Why couldn’t I think of such a title for my blog?  Genius.

It may be the best 10 minutes of your life. Okay, maybe not quite, but at least you’ll laugh.

Don’t miss her beautiful singing voice and her technique for cracking eggs.

Favorite quotes from the video:

“I’m crazy!  I’m crazy!”

“She crazy!” (In reference to her Grandma Wendy)

“I am so excited, I’m so excited!  Whoops…Kinda powdery.”

“Cookies are serious.”

“Don’t screw it up.  I will break you.”

“What’s wrong with this Crisco?”

“Son of a biscuit.”

“This is horse poop” (in reference to the Crisco)

“Rachael Ray, eat your heart out”

“Shut up, old man” (to her dad giving her directions)

“Mommy will clean it.  She good with that.”

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