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Dirty Rice with Andouille Sausage

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I’m sick.

You know, that kind of sore throat, stuffy head situation. Not so fun.

Last night, I made my “sick wife” demands. “Honnnnneeeeeyyyyy, will you please go get me some pho??? I neeeeeeeeddd pho.”

He did. And it was delicious. Pho (doused with a good amount of sriracha, of course) can cure all ills. Well, at least temporarily. The spicy broth has the magical ability to clear my head, and my nose, and get me back in the saddle.

But the show must go on. Or, in this case, the husband must be fed.

I faintly recall my mom making dirty rice when we were growing up. There may or may not have been a certain box mix involved. Box or no box, I love the cajun flavors and one-pot meal potential. Read More »