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On IFBC 2013 + A Little Blog Recharge

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I’m very much looking forward to attending the upcoming International Food Blogger’s Conference September 20-22. I haven’t been to an IFBC since it was in Seattle in 2010. It was a great experience last time — mostly because it’s fun to meet other bloggers, listen to fancy-schmancy speakers and get recharged.

And boy, do I need a recharging.

Clearly, this blog — my original baby — has been neglected of late. It’s like having a second child and forgetting/not having time/not making time for your first child. I’m a bad blog parent.

Sure, I’ve been focusing on restaurant writing and my second blog-child, Tacoma Foodie. But seriously, the other day I had a coming-to-Jesus moment.

I miss cooking.

Being a restaurant writer is great. It’s an amazing gig, and I’m not complaining about it one bit. However, it’s a bit like when you’re on a long vacation with no kitchen, and all you eat is restaurant food for a couple weeks. You start to feel a little…weird. A little bloated, maybe. A little unbalanced.

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BLTA Salad with Lemony Buttermilk Ranch Dressing and a Trip to Pike Place Market

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Yesterday was a glorious day in the Pacific Northwest.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that Seattle is the best place in the world when it’s sunny out. I can’t argue with that. With temperatures in the mid-70s, yesterday was the perfect Sunday.

It all started out with a BLTA (bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado) salad that I made for Casey and myself. It’s really the perfect salad, if you ask me. Juicy, sweet cherry tomatoes, crunchy bites of avocado and lemony dressing adds up to one very satisfying lunch. I knew I was going later to hang out with my friend Meguire, so I wanted a fairly light lunch. It did the trick.

I live in Tacoma, and my friend Meguire lives in Seattle. Admittedly, I do love going to Seattle as often as I can, although some Tacomans would boo and hiss at me for that.

Sometimes, it’s quite fun to be a tourist in your own city. We headed to Pike Place Market, and it seemed the rest of Seattle was there was well. Read More »

Learn More about Me in Terra Organics’ Member Spotlight!

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This week, I was thrilled to be featured as Terra Organics‘ first Member Spotlight.

Terra Organics is the home produce delivery service in my area that I get 95 percent of my organic fruits, vegetables and eggs from.

Produce delivery is one of my godsends for time saving. During the work week, I don’t even have to think about picking up fresh produce, because it’s delivered to my door each week. It also actually saves me money, since I’m not spending money on impulse buys from copious trips to the grocery store. We are able to eat healthier, eat local, and eat organic with virtually no effort. It’s a fabulous service that I am so thankful for. Read More »

Tapas at Ocho

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As you may or may not know, I struggle with blogging about restaurants. However, when I entered Ocho last weekend, I knew I’d have to share this experience with the world.  I just can’t keep it in.

Ocho is tapas.  Sexy food. Read More »

Dine Around Seattle

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Want to eat at one of Seattle’s top restaurants this month without spending a fortune?

Check out Dine Around Seattle, a promotion that happens twice a year, in March and November.  It’s available the entire month, Sunday through Thursday.

The deal is, you get to enjoy a three course dinner at a variety of restaurants for $30.  Killer deal.  It doesn’t include drinks or gratuity…mental note, this is not an excuse to get fall on the floor drunk on the house…But it is a chance to experience a restaurant that you wouldn’t normally visit.

And the restaurants…oh, the restaurants.  Choose from restaurants like Dahlia Lounge, Steelhead Diner, Restaurant Zoe, Ray’s Boathouse and many more.

I know I’m going to take this opportunity to visit a restaurant or two that I’ve been eyeing but haven’t been able to visit due to my, ehm, virtual lack of dining out budget.   Barking Frog, perhaps?  Maybe Earth & Ocean?

Oh, the choices!  Seafood and steak and sushi, oh my!