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Apple Cranberry Muffins

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When life gives you 30 pounds of apples, you…

…think of all the apple dishes you can and get to baking, cooking and eating.

My friend Dr. Rob was in town this weekend, and he picked gobs of apples off of his parents’ apple trees. That’s how I came into the apple treasure trove of the century.

I now have big plans for these little beauties. In fact, I feel like since I’ve inherited them, my whole life has revolved around them. See, you can’t just have 30 pounds of apples sitting on your counter and ignore them. No, I will not waste, thee, apples. Read More »

Mom’s Sausage, Apple and Pecan Stuffing

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Everyone has a dish that defines their Thanksgiving table.  This one dish can bring back memories of holidays past, and carry on family traditions for future generations.

I happen to be very blessed and come from a family of amazing cooks.  I’ve never had a bad meal for any holiday or special occasion.

That said, I do have my favorites, and my mom’s stuffing is one of them.  It’s a little taste of home.

Every person has a different interpretation on what stuffing is to them.  There are hundreds of interpretations and schools of thought when it comes to what is, and should be, in stuffing. Read More »

Oaty Apple Crisp

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I’m convinced that there are two types of people: cobbler people and crisp people.

I fall into the latter camp.  The oaty, nutty crunch on the top of the crisp is a nonnegotiable component of a baked fruit dessert.  If you can think of a reason cobbler is better, feel free to let me know.  If you dare to come forward on Team Cobbler, you better come guns a’ blazing. I’d like to hear your reasons for cobbler foolishness.  I can picture it now: “I love how it’s so doughy and smothering the fruit”, or, “I like how cobbler topping tastes like Play-Doh”. Read More »

Cooking with Italian Grandmothers and Roasted Apples

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Every now and again, a cookbook stands out to me with something a little special.  You can pick up pretty much any cookbook and find recipes that turn out well, or that have wonderful photos of the food.

Then there are the cookbooks with stories — personal stories that not only outline the recipe, but so perfectly illustrate the history, the very soul of the food.  These stories bring the recipes to life, give them breath and make them all the more beautiful and relevant, and beg to be prepared. Read More »