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Spice Cookies and Happy Thanksgiving

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I’m sure you have all of your Thanksgiving desserts under control.  If so, put this one on your list for your Christmas cookie power baking day. Because I’m sure you have that day, right? The one where you try to make every cookie in your repertoire, just because you can.  And you must.

Maybe skip the sugar cookie cutouts this year for something a little more interesting.  Not to mention, if you’re not exactly the Martha Stewart of cookie decorating, these are much more forgiving.

Spice cookies are the warm hug of cookies.  These ones are particularly lovely with the addition of honey for that extra depth of something-something.

Take a little nibble nibble of a spice cookie, a sip of latte, repeat.  Do it. It’s a mini holiday.

Many folks’ Christmas trees are already up, and holiday lights seem to start twinkling soon after Halloween.  What about the less glitzy, (slightly) less commercial Thanksgiving?  Though it seems Thanksgiving doesn’t get all the credit it deserves, it is one of my personal favorite holidays.

The plethora of exceptional food is, of course, one reason I love it.  More importantly, each year it never fails that I am reminded to quit worrying about little things and to focus on positivity and how truly lucky I am.  It may seem cliche to talk about what you are thankful for on this day, but I’m going to do it anyway.
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Chewy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Growing up, my mom almost always put oats in the chocolate chip cookies she made.

I mean, I don’t discriminate.  I love all chocolate chip cookies.  But the nostalgia of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies gets me every time.

Not only do I love them because that’s the way my momma made them, but because the oats create a new texture from the traditional ho-hum plain chocolate chip cookies.  With the oats, the edges get a toasty crunch, and the middle remains chewy, dotted with crunches of cooled chocolate chips. Read More »

On Peanut Butter Cookies and Self-Education

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As I have mentioned before, I’m trying to learn how to do food photography and food styling. I’ve been reading tons of books, online guides and going to photography and styling classes and conferences.

It’s been a great diversion from the normal everyday goings-on in my life to be able to take something that I created, arrange it, see it through the lens of a camera and capture that image. This process is therapeutic, in a way, because it forces me to take time out of my day and focus on this one thing that I’m doing, right in the moment. Read More »

Cranberry and White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

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I have made these cookies more time than I can count, and they never get old.  For the first time, Casey made this batch and I thought I should document this momentous occasion of his first baking adventure.  Read More »

Meyer Lemon Cookies

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I often become inspired by what I find at the market.  Today, Meyer lemons.

Perhaps it’s the gorgeous, sunny weather today.

Meyer lemons are a thinner-skinned, less tart version of their counterparts.  They are lovely and fragrant.  My kitchen smells incredible, fresh. Read More »