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Mom’s Stuffed Cabbages

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My grandma loved cookbooks.  I mean, really loved them, more than anyone I know.  She had hundreds, all lining the bookshelves in her home.  There were stacks of Gourmet Magazine, and pages of torn-out recipes among the books.

Today, I too, love cookbooks.  My own collection is amassing and threatening to take over my bookshelf.  It seems my grandma’s love of the things is hereditary, although I would have never guessed it as a kid.

One of our favorite family dinners comes from a cookbook my grandma gave my mom before her passing, The Jewish Holiday Cookbook.  My grandma never actually made this dish, but my mom would make it for her on occasion, and it was one of her favorites as well. Read More »

Caramelized Onion Burgers

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I don’t know if onions can be considered a stand-alone favorite food, but they are one of mine.  Especially caramelized.

Eating burgers is not a regular occasion for me, especially now trying to fit into a wedding dress in a year.  But throw some caramelized onions on one…and even IN them,  like in this burger —  my ability to resist plummets. Read More »

Casey's Favorite Meatloaf

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Although Spring is right around the corner and the sun is shining here in the Northwest, comfort food never goes out of season.  My boyfriend Casey’s favorite dinner is my meatloaf.  It’s super quick and easy to make — and lots of fun.  Get your hands in there and get dirty when you mix it up!  There’s no better way to get in touch with your food than to squish it through your fingers. 🙂 Read More »