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Happy New Year and a Marbled Bundt Cake with Chocolate Glaze

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What a year it has been.

A year of new friends, careers began, hope and a renewed thankfulness for health, family and love.
I’ve never been the New Year resolution type. I’m in more of a constant state of self-improvement. You know, a work in progress. Though, of late, I have found it incredibly satisfying to focus less on myself, and more on improving the lives of those around me. My family, community, and friends.

If I have a goal for 2013, it’s to continue this journey of living as much for others as I do myself.

The more people I meet and the longer I’m here on this earth, I see the evidence of each person, individually, having their own unique gift to give to the world. Sure, it can be a trite saying, but it does seem to ring true. The choice, however, is whether or not to tap into these special things about us. Passions and skills should be nurtured, protected and expressed.

After all, it can be quite fun to see someone blossom into their own. Seeing a friend find her passion, and putting her all into it. Watching my love accomplish his dream and become a positive figure in a sea of negative influences. A family member standing up for what’s right and fighting for what he believes in.

These are the joys all around me. Read More »

S’mores Brownies

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For my family, Memorial Day  has always meant camping.  I cannot remember a time when we didn’t spend the first official day of summer at our lake property with friends and family, relishing in the day off from work and school and looking forward to the summer ahead.

Times have changed a bit.  Instead of camping, now we’re probably doing what’s considered “glamping”, if even that.  There’s a lovely house where we used to pitch our tents and later, found shelter in a camp trailer. Read More »

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread with Walnuts

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There always seems to be overripe bananas sitting on our counter.  They lie there, rotting,  making me feel like the biggest waster on the planet.

The saving grace to ease my forgotten banana guilt is transforming those nasty, blackened, squishy fruits into glorious, comforting banana bread. Read More »

Epic Fail: The Great German Chocolate Cake Debacle of 2010

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So here is my original post I was planning — oh, how nice and sentimental:

Seriously, I don’t normally bake this much.  But March is  a month full of birthdays for my family and friends.

Tomorrow is my dad’s 50th birthday.  (Sorry, dad.  I ratted you out).

German chocolate cake is his absolute favorite — “The way my mom used to make”, he says.   Unfortunately, I can’t locate the exact recipe my grandma used to use.  However, I have found one that is very close, and will surely remind him of the good old days. Read More »

Coconut Cake with Chocolate Chunks and Coconut Drizzle

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I’m practically drooling right now just thinking of it.

When I saw this recipe in Bon Appetit’s January 2010 issue, I knew I had to try it.

I had my opportunity this weekend when I attended my best friend’s birthday party.  Weary of coconut haters (I’m convinced they are alien beings), I asked her, “Do you like coconut?”  “Of course I like coconut,” she said.  This was my opportunity. Read More »