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Gluten Free Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Gluten-Free Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve been eating gluten free lately pretty much exclusively. I say “pretty much” because I’m also a restaurant writer (partially the reason for my serious slacking in posting here), and there are times I can’t avoid gluten. I feel better not eating gluten, and who knows, maybe one day I won’t be eating any gluten at all.
I’m loving it, and I’m looking forward to sharing everything I’ve been cooking here with you.

I think a big misconception about being gluten free is that you can’t eat any of your favorite foods anymore. Sure, it might take a little extra effort and planning, but your favorite foods are not off-limits simply because you’re not eating conventional bread, pasta or flour.

Take, for example, the chocolate chip cookie. Arguably America’s favorite cookie, it’s a great place to start exploring gluten free baking. I love oats in my chocolate chip cookies because it’s the way my mom and grandma always made them. Regular oats aren’t necessarily gluten free, but there are gluten free oats available, such as the ones I used. They taste the same to me.
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Happy New Year and a Marbled Bundt Cake with Chocolate Glaze

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What a year it has been.

A year of new friends, careers began, hope and a renewed thankfulness for health, family and love.
I’ve never been the New Year resolution type. I’m in more of a constant state of self-improvement. You know, a work in progress. Though, of late, I have found it incredibly satisfying to focus less on myself, and more on improving the lives of those around me. My family, community, and friends.

If I have a goal for 2013, it’s to continue this journey of living as much for others as I do myself.

The more people I meet and the longer I’m here on this earth, I see the evidence of each person, individually, having their own unique gift to give to the world. Sure, it can be a trite saying, but it does seem to ring true. The choice, however, is whether or not to tap into these special things about us. Passions and skills should be nurtured, protected and expressed.

After all, it can be quite fun to see someone blossom into their own. Seeing a friend find her passion, and putting her all into it. Watching my love accomplish his dream and become a positive figure in a sea of negative influences. A family member standing up for what’s right and fighting for what he believes in.

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

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It’s Friday night. What’s a young, 20-something newlywed couple to do?

Stay at home, open a bottle of wine and watch Duck Dynasty?

Why yes, that’s what we do.

What’s Duck Dynasty, you ask? Oh, it’s fine television programming. Google it. You won’t be disappointed.

Maybe it’s the wine talking…

Either way, it seemed like a great idea to sit down and figure out a recipe using a neglected can of pumpkin that’s been sitting in the cabinet for a while. That’s what you do this time of year, right? Recipes featuring pumpkin seem to be everywhere you look. I have nothing against pumpkin, but if I see one more recipe for standard pumpkin pie, I might just scream. Or open another bottle of wine and watch more Duck Dynasty. Read More »

Patty’s Pistachio Torte

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Today is a very special birthday for a very special lady — our family friend, Patty.

I spent this weekend at one of my favorite places in the world, Mayfield Lake, in Southwest Washington, with Patty, her family, and my parents. I soaked up the sun breaks and relished the mid-70 degree weather. Oh, and I cooked. And ate. And we cooked and ate some more.

I love, love cooking in the kitchen at our family lake house. It has a nice, big kitchen and the view is incredible. Looking out the windows, it’s all green. Green tree tops, green water, and if you’re lucky, blue sky.

Not only is it a gorgeous place to cook, but it’s also a fabulous place for photography. The light is sweet, and my photos always turn out a million times better out there.

For me, this weekend was all about writing recipes, cooking and photographing what I made to share with you. Get ready for some great posts coming up.

Every time Patty comes out to the lake, my mom makes a special request. It’s not even a request as much of a demand. She always asks Patty to bring her pistachio torte. Read More »

Dorie Greenspan’s Perfection Pound Cake Topped with Summer Berries

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Last weekend we had the pleasure of having some friends over for dinner. When I heard they were into ribs, I immediately went back to a previous post and made some mighty fine ribs, baked beans topped with bacon and potato salad.

Really, one of the perks of being a food blogger is being able to go back and have an easy reference to recipes you love.

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